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Phantom of the Kill to do Crossover with Dempagumi and Brave Frontier

In a continuing effort to ramp up post-launch events, Gumi has announced a juggernaut partnership between Phantom of the Kill and Brave Frontier, plus a major in-game event featuring the girls of Dempagumi starting July 1st!

The Brave Frontier crossover titled Phantom of the Brave kicked off yesterday (June 23rd) and includes the famous high tier Brave Frontier characters Lunaris, Vargas, and Selena. The Metal Garden event will push Phantom of the Kill players against some of the most terrifying foes of Brave Frontier to get a school of hard knocks welcome to the universe.

Meanwhile in Brave Frontier, players will encounter Tyrfing, Laevateinn, and Zero from Phantom of the Kill to commemorate a special collaboration starting from June 24th (PDT). Tyrfing will be recruitable from a limited-time Vortex dungeon, while Laevateinn will be given as reward for logging in throughout the collaboration period. Finally, Zero will be available through a limited-time Summon event, and will be a Unit evolvable to the Omni Evolution tier.

Kicking off next Friday is the Dempagumi event! “” will make an appearance as original characters inside “Phantom of the Kill.” Famous already in Japan, the idol group is currently gaining in popularity worldwide. The charms of each member are reproduced perfectly in their characters, which will surely be a delight for “” fans!

All the members are originally hard core geeks / otakus of anime, manga, games, fashion, art, etc. each pursuing their own hobbies! They have recently attended the Tokyo Collection, and have been collaborating with many creators such as MIKIO SAKABE. Their one-act concert sold out ZEPP TOKYO.They have not only grabbed attention in Japan, but globally as well, through a fashion event in Jakarta and a concert in Taiwan, for example.

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