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Perfect World International: Imperial Fury Wants YOUR Questions

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Hey MMOHuts readers – we’ve got a job for you!

Perfect World Entertainment is looking for some questions and feedback for their newest Perfect World International update: Imperial Fury.  You can find details about the changes below. The expansion features new end-game content, new exclusive hard-mode dungeons and gear, as well as brand new skills for you to learn.  The skill books are also fully tradeable!

If you have any questions at all for the Perfect World International team, leave them in a comment below, and we’ll forward them on for you! In the meantime, keep an eye out for the return of your questions – and answers – from the team.

Perfect World International “Imperial Fury” Gameplay Screenshot


The end-game just got more massive with the launch of PWI: Imperial Fury, the latest content update for the North America-based version of Perfect World International, one of the most successful MMORPGs in the world. Inspired by Chinese mythology and based in the mystical world of Pan Gu, PWI is a graphically stunning and immersive world of adventure and chaos.

In the Imperial Fury content update, the heroes of Perfect World must execute a plan to infiltrate the land of Morai, currently under the foul influence of the Dark Lord Jian’rin’s, and retrieve the powerful City Essences that were stolen during the Descent wraith invasion. Together, they must stand toe-to-toe against Jian’rin’s most powerful emperors in a bid to keep the Dark Lord from manipulating these Essences to his own nefarious ends.



Engage in combat with one of four evil emperors: Aohe, Chigo, Locen, or Aurogon, depending on your luck when entering the dungeon. Each variation also includes completely new and challenging instance mechanics that include timed events, using the environment to defeat bosses, and powerful NPCs that will fight by your side.


The high-level Lunar Glade and Warsong City instances now have new extra-tough optional bosses. These bosses will be a challenge for seasoned players with rewards that can be used to substantially upgrade what is currently the most powerful gear in the game. PWI is the only version of Perfect World that has this particular content.


After clearing the new Advanced Endless Universe instance, players will have the opportunity to obtain multiple brand new skill-books for each class. These skill-books are also fully tradable, allowing players to profit tremendously in the event that they obtain one for a different class than their own.

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