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Perfect World International: Chill of Luneska Now Available

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Perfect World International

Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher and operator of free-to-play massively multiplayer online games, announced that Chill of Luneska, the latest content update enriching the experience in Perfect World International: New Horizons, is now available. Chill of Luneska will have players journey forth into Luneska – a powerful empire that dominates the beautiful frozen lands to the east.

Chill of Luneska builds on the guild-based PvP modes by adding the “Territory Resource War” weekly events aimed to continue to deliver opportunities for players to interact with each other in Perfect World International: New Horizons. Guilds will no longer only fight for the rights of ownership of the land, but will be able to continuously battle for its resources and riches.

Also included in the Chill of Luneska update are new quest lines for high-level players to complete, new events for all players to participate in, and new systems designed to streamline Perfect World International: New Horizons player experience.

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