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PAX East 2015 Day 1 Recap – Trion Worlds, Dreadnought, Indie Games, and Cosplay!

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Trion: Defiance

Defiance Alcatraz

Rowdy Roddy Piper in: Escape from Alcatraz

Defiance, for the PC, 360, and PS3 has a huge update coming in 2015. The Alcatraz Hub is coming, which includes a social non-pvp area in addition to the many features already in place. It was also designed almost identically to appear as Alcatraz on the outside (except for the evil space alien tentacle and future-tech). This is designed to create a safe area where players can gather and interact, something Defiance definitely seemed to lack before now. March 17th is the estimated date where we can expect this content to hit, barring any casualties or bumps in the road. Alcatraz features a co-op mode up to four players can take on some new foes. The deeper you go, the better the rewards are. But difficulty is controlled in a unique and interesting way: The more players you have, the harder it becomes. But the deeper you get, the more challenging the dungeon ultimately becomes, no matter your party size.

Cyber Connect

There are new enemies that greatly resemble mini-bosses. Expect smarter, more violent encounters with fantastic skills that will force you to constantly change your cover to keep one step ahead of your demise. Describing them as bosses is a bit off though. Captains is the more appropriate term. There are several of these, and they all act differently. But they also drop an item called a cyber chip. Defiance does not have a lot of equipment slots, so they added the Cyber Chip. It is a customizable piece of gear that you edit with parts you acquire in the way you see fit. Similar to a rune system, you construct it as you go, putting buffs to your character that will help your style of play. I really love this idea; it felt a little complicated from the get go, but I love the idea of making my own slot for my character and only putting useful stuff in it, instead of having to go and reroll constantly (Ahem, Diablo 3).

Defiance PAX East 2015

Expedition? Expedition!

There are three more expeditions coming, and many many more on the way! A nice flood of content is coming with them. The expeditions themselves were not revealed to me, but I do know that a great new wave of destruction is coming in Defiance. There are special skills that can only be attained on Alcatraz also! Speaking of new, in the new challenge missions, there are random hidden rooms that can contain one of a few things: A supply crate, an ambush of enemies, or even the elusive “Golden Hellbug Skitterling.” These rounds will take about 20 minutes a piece, so they shouldn’t take you forever to get to the killing again.

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