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Path of Exile Reveals Weaponmaster Vagan

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Path of Exile has been keeping the hype train chugging for its upcoming expansion, Forsaken Masters, set to launch on August 20. Today, we’re pleased to reveal the details for Vagan, the Weaponmaster, the fifth master to be revealed (of seven).



Vagan has come to Wraeclast after having been a blade-for-hire in Oriath. Vagan considers himself the “foremost Duelist” of Wraeclast, sometimes comparing himself to the great Daresso. Vagan, however, is more than just a bigmouth hotshot. He knows he must build his reputation in order to survive, following his father’s mantra, “The fight is won before you ever draw your sword.” Angry fighters make mistakes, and so Vagan seeks to exploit these weaknesses through any means possible.

Vagan’s skills with weapons truly are legendary, bordering on the “preternatural,” and he can smith as well as he can fight. He will share this knowledge with any who prove their mettle against him in battle.



When players encounter Vagan, they will be challenged to a duel. These duels have random win conditions, and can vary from a simple “Defeat Vagan” objective, to defeating the master under different circumstances, including time limits, additional allies, and kill-count competitions.

Vagan’s character build does not stay static, either. His list of potential builds include bladed weapon specialist, blunt weapon specialist, bow generalist, multiple dual-wielding builds, a fists-only “Facebreaker” build, Flicker Strike, Elemental, Cyclone, Traps, and more. He may also carry different mods, including life leech, curses, fast attack, slowing auras, and blinding smoke.


Even the dueling arena isn’t static. It may be surrounded by rings of flame or searing bond totems, may exist in the wild or be set aside in a dedicated area, and comes in multiple layouts.

In short, Vagan has at least a dozen ways he can kick your character’s ass.



With the Forsaken Masters expansion, each Master can offer the players a unique Hideout to use. Vagan’s no exception, and offers a battlefront styled hideout for players who choose to call it home.

Vagan will offer players decorations for their hideout as he levels up, all with a battlefield-theme. These include crates, corpses, wagons, weapons, and more. These decorations may also be taken to other masters’ hideouts for use.



Vagan’s final benefit to players is teaching the art of weapon crafting. Players will get access to a growing number of modifications to add to weapons. These include remedial properties (for example, adding elemental damage to items that are missing it), niche properties (for example, blocking with dual-wielded weapons), or properties that don’t normally appear on that type of item (for example, increased elemental damage with weapons).

Meet Vagan for the first time in this video!

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