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Paragon: The Overprime Welcomes New Hero, Maco

Paragon: The Overprime Welcomes New Hero, Maco

Netmarble has released new content for its MOBA game Paragon: The Overprime, including a new guardian: Maco.

Maco, the Guardian of Tindall is the second original character to join the Paragon universe, and the latest original hero following the Zena update. Maco is a support hero and is a member of a mysterious tribe from the unknown island of Tindall, seeking to represent his homeland well on the battlefield. Despite Maco’s cute appearance, he’s highly skilled in magic and draws upon the power of gemstones to empower his attacks. Although Maco can’t speak human languages fluently yet, he’s always seeking to diligently learn through communicating and trying to befriend whoever he meets. He’s very fond of mangos and if you give him one, he might even toss you an explosive gemstone in trade.

Maco’s key skills include:

  • Ta-da!: He throws a gemstone at an enemy to deal physical damage. The gemstone has a set chance to explode, pushing enemy heroes within range and dealing bonus magical damage.
  • Maco Sparkle!: Maco launches a gemstone which travels a certain distance upward and positions itself mid-air. After a short time, the gemstone explodes to deal magical damage to enemies within range while affected enemy heroes are pushed. The skill can be used again before the automatic explosion to detonate earlier. The gemstone can also detonate early if it comes in contact with an enemy.
  • Maco Gift!: Throwing a gemstone recovers a certain amount of health and increases movement speed for allies within range. If the skill affects 3 or more allies, the amount of recovery is halved, and the hero consumes a certain amount of his own health when an ally’s health is recovered. If the gemstone hits an enemy, it deals magical damage, decreasing the affected enemy’s healing and shield for a set duration.
  • Maco Fly!: He can leap in the direction the hero is facing to deal magical damage towards enemies within range and slow them for a set duration. He can charge in a desired direction right after leaping. A successful hit on an enemy hero additionally grants a shield that absorbs damage and gradually depletes over a set duration.
  • Maco Strike! (Ultimate): Maco concentrates energy into a gemstone and rolls it forward to deal magical damage (scaled based on charge time) to all enemies in its path, while pushing enemy heroes. After rolling a certain distance, the giant gemstone explodes to deal bonus magical damage to enemies within range, and leaves a Maco Stamp on the ground. The rolling gemstone explodes immediately upon hitting a wall, dealing magical damage to enemies within range, stunning enemy heroes for a set duration, and leaving a Maco Stamp on affected enemy heroes.

With the end of the first competitive season, players who created their accounts before March 28 will be given a Sparrow’s Hero grade skin, Forest Child. Balance has been readjusted to bolster a more competitive environment for Dekker, Countess, Phase, Kallari, Wraith, Rampage, The Fey, and Revenant and also for numbers of items.

Through April 14, players will be able to purchase the heroes Serath and Kwang, as well as 5 skins at a discounted price in the shop. Other game updates that will enhance new player experiences include an improved tutorial, as well as protection from being down ranked in competitive mode, and more.

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