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Pangya Introduces FastPass Event

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SG Interactive has announced that starting today, and until January 2, Pangya players can enjoy bonuses and rewards through the FastPass.

FastPass grants new players the rank of PRO E, their choice of one of the SSAF player outfits, and the exclusive Parasol Club – but only if they complete 100 holes on Pangya’s courses!

Veteran players can complete 50 holes to take advantage of FastPass benefits that include up to 20 levels of experience, an SSAF outfit, the “I LOVE PANGYA” package, and a fully upgraded 30-day VIP Club Set. The ‘I LOVE PANGYA’ package includes Auto Calipers, Time Boosters, Joy Chocolates, Love Chocolates, Fairy Tears, a Special Shuffle Ticket, three Gold Card Tickets, Air Notes and 50,000 Pang (in-game currency).

SG Interactive also publishes Grand Chase and Trickster Online.

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