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Pandora Saga announces new third-Tier job update

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Pandora Saga has announced its next major update, set to launch on March 15.

The update will raise the level cap to 50, and add sixteen new classes in the third-Tier of the job system. These jobs require level 45 to obtain. Players will also be able to get the rank of Archduke, and purchase War Horses, which may be ridden into battle in mounted combat (starting at level 40).

Bonus experience will be given to players from now until March 15 to help players get to a higher level in preparation for the new jobs, and a St. Patrick’s Day event is also planned.

Pandora Saga is published by Atlus Online, which also publishes Neo Steam.

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Hi everyone, it’s time for another installment of the Pandora Saga Developer Blog!I am super excited to announce that the long-awaited third-Tier job classes are coming to Pandora Saga! On 03/15 the level cap will be raised to Level 50 and you will have the chance to further develop your skills as you advance your character into the next tier of jobs. Exciting classes like the Corruptor (if you’re a Sorcerer) or Paladin (if you’re a Knight) await, each with their own specific style of play. Check out the [Classes Page] for a more detailed description of each class. You will need to be Level 45 before you can change to the third Tier jobs, so to help you along we are having a special Increased EXP event running from 03/08/2011 to 03/15/2011!

Currently you can reach the rank of Knight in Pandora Saga – in this upcoming update you will now be able to reach the coveted rank of Archduke! Each rank gives you special abilities and privileges including access to special items, and expanded inventory! Hit the ranking page for the full run-down!

Also arriving with the same update will be the War Horses. You will be able to take your trusty steed into war, taking battles to a whole new level! Your horse will be able to level-up, and increase its parameters! If you are level 40 you will be able to undertake the necessary quest to begin making war horses.

*An extra just a side note – there is a certain holiday around the corner where you’ll be feeling a little extra lucky – just sayin’!

See you next time!

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