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Origins of Malu and Alienware Hosting Closed Beta Giveaway

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Want to join the closed beta for Origins of Malu? Alienware is hosting a giveaway of closed beta keys, and now’s your chance! Just visit before they run out.

Origins of Malu Features include:

• Changing Persistent World – Actions made by players will change the physical environment of the world, creating everlasting changes that continue to affect the world long after they were set in motion.

• No Class Restrictions – You can dive into different specializations to tailor your character to meet your needs.

• Open World Structure Systems – A careful amount of time has gone into making sure we can provide players the ability to have an open world player housing system.

• Power to the People (Player Controlled Factions) – A position of influence can bring prosperity and peace, power can also bring a volatile blend of discord and conflict among your people.

• Powerful Crafting System – The importance of crafting will range from day-to-day purposes; such as building unique types of materials for housing and tweaking magic spells to cultivating and maintaining your environment. Since the world is directly affected by your actions, investing resources into crafting can lead to a prosperous and influential character.

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