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Oriental Assassin Arrives In Conquer Online

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Conquer Online has announced the introduction of its newest class, the Oriental Assassin.

The assassin is a powerful long-range fighter, excellent both at hunting monsters and at single or group PvP. Based on Conquer Online’s “easy-to-learn” design concept, new players can also learn how to use their assassin quickly, getting you right into the action! You begin your training as a dedicated Archer, gaining the strength and ability needed to become an ancient assassin at Level 40.

A new US server will open on January 29 named after the new class, and several fun events have been planned for all players on the “Assassin” server to help boost their initial character progress, including a starter pack for all new characters.

With the Oriental Assassins unleashed upon the world, CO now has 2 different styles of legendary swords for hire, the Ninja and the Oriental Assassin. Who will prove the strongest?

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