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Open beta in progress for Silkroad-R

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Silkroad-R has launched open beta for its players, Joymax has announced. The open beta will run until January 17.

The open beta update improves vendor NPCs, replaced Gold drops with Coin drops below level 70, and added many tweaks to skills and gameplay.

Silkroad-R is a new version of Silkroad, separate from the original game, which offers higher experience rates and skill balance adjustments that Silkroad Online does not offer.

Joymax also publishes Karma Online and Digimon Masters Online.

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We appreciate your dedication and continuous support toward Silkroad-R.

OBT of Silkroad-R has finally opened because of the enthusiasm and support you showed us in F.G.T. Starting today you will be able to experience the improved and renewed version of Silkroad online in Silkroad-R.

We welcome you to experience a more exciting game environment with faster level-up rates and improved skill balance for each character class and race.

Silkroad-R has been improved with higher experience rates and optimized race and class skills. Silkroad-R is an independent game client and is separated from previous Silkroad Online Game client.

Below is the Silkroad-R O.B.T. schedule:

* Silkroad-R O.B.T Schedule

– Open: Dec. 20, 2011

– End: Jan. 17, 2011

* Since it’s Open Beta Test, character will Not be reset!

The following are the changes of Silkroad-R compared from the previous version of Silkroad Online.

1st Silkroad-R Improvement

* Grocery supply NPC has been added.

– Equipment support will be provided to players until level 70 through the Grocery supply NPC.

* Potion supply NPC has been added.

– Normal expendable items will be supplied by the Potion supply NPC

(HP/MP potion, Universal pill, Purification Pill, Arrow, Bolt)

* Valuables exchange merchant NPC has been added.

– New NPC can be found at the sprout mark on the map

(It is located in portal section in each town)

* Military Camp NPCs has been added (The location of Military Camp will be displayed on the map)

– Military Camp NPCs has been placed at the main hunting fields of Jangan, Constantinople, Samarkand, Donwhang and Hotan

– Quest can be completed through Military Camp NPCs

* The location of some monsters has been modified to improve hunting efficiency.

* The following improvements related to forgotten world have been applied:

– The reward of monsters in forgotten world dungeon has been improved

– Portal for teleporting to other region will be placed in forgotten world dungeon.

– The rate of spawning Dimension Pillars has been increased

– Summoned number of Envy monsters has been decreased when Dimension Pillar is destroyed.

– Faded bead Item has been added.

** Faded bead will be dropped by boss monsters and Skill point can be randomly obtained by using this.

2nd Silkroad-R Improvement

* Gold won’t be dropped by monster with levels 70 and below. However Coins will be dropped instead. These coins can be traded with equipments which have corresponding degrees for each kind of coin through the Valuables exchange merchant

* Valuables exchange merchant NPC will be displayed on the Map.

Coin of Trainee Coin of Soldier Coin of General
1~3 degree 4~5 degree 6~8 degree

3 pieces of Coin of Trainee can be exchanged with one of Coin of Soldier and 3 pieces of Coin of Soldier can be exchanged with 1 of Coin of General

* A New type of elixir named as ‘Unfinished elixir’will be dropped from 1 to 8 degree. And the normal elixirs will be dropped per each degree from 8 to 11 degree.

* Tablets won’t be dropped. But Materials and items which are needed for craft system will be dropped.

3rd Silkroad-R Improvement

This is the 3rd part of improvement that you can see below.

* The exp required for the each level has been decreased

* The mastery required for the each level has been decreased

* Skill balance for Chinese character has been improved

– New skills have been added

– Speed of casting new skills has been improved

– The amount of obtaining EXP from the party has been improved

– Physical/magical damage has been increased

– Speed in casting the skill for movement speed has been increased

– The effective range of some AOE main skills has been modified

– Damage increase scroll and buffs can be used simultaneously

* Skill balance for European character has been improved

– Physical damage of European characters has been increased.

– Magical damage of Warlock Curse type skills which target a single player has been increased.

– Cool time of Dagger Skills has been improved for Rogue character class.

– Defense penalty of Dagger desperate has been decreased for Rogue character class.

– MP Recovery effect of Mana Orbit has been decreased for Bard class.

– HP Recovery effect of Healing Orbit has been decreased for Cleric class.

– Damage of Wizard skills has been decreased.

Please enjoy Silkroad-R O.B.T.

Thank you.

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