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Omnimon Arrives in Digimon Masters

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Joymax has announced another update this week – new content for Digimon Masters Online.

Omnimon has arrived, but players will have to obtain this Digimon in a special way. Unlike other Digimon that evolve through leveling, players will need to use the new Jogress system to combine the two digimon Agumon and Gabumon together.

“Omnimon is, hands down, the most requested Digimon we’ve ever seen for Digimon Masters,” said the lead developer of Digimon Masters. “With the addition of the new Jogress system, players will have a new way to Digivolve, and it opens up a huge avenue for us to add other special Digimon in 2013.”

Digimon Masters is also holding a series of Thanksgiving Events and a Black Day sale, all along with celebrating the special Joymax Day events going on in Silkroad Online and Knight Age Online.

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