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Odin Quest is happy to announce the release of the new browser-based MMORPG Odin Quest. Odin Quest will be launching on May 23rd 15:00 PST!

Odin Quest is a free to play browser-based MMORPG game with sizzling graphics, beautiful music, and many distinctive classes to choose from. The game welcomes players into a fascinating world of swords and sorcery, journeys with the gods, and the ultimate quest of saving the world.

Odin Quest

Odin Quest Game Guide is a platform which supplies an extensive introduction to the game. A huge world map, with countless dungeons and other dangers to explore, players will discover a multitude of cute and powerful pets to accompany their journey. The visually stunning skills and cross-server battles will keep your adrenaline surging! If you love MMORPGs, you can’t afford to miss Odin Quest! What are you waiting for?

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