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OceanView Update Arrives for Revelation Online

Revelation Online - OceanView Update - Main Image

Build a villa where the sky touches the ocean in this latest Revelation Online update from NetEase and It is available now and allows players to upgrade their housing in the world. This could be the most luxurious setting to date, and players can acquire/decorate their own private estate on a paradise island featuring a beautiful view of the ocean. It won’t be easy to acquire though. This can only be accessed once you’ve upgraded your old apartment in the Feary Inn to “Wealth 4” status. The new OceanView update introduces this upgrade to your housing plan, including elaborate fitting rooms, where you can display and show off your collection of outfits to your friends. Further, the update adds the Tree of Knowledge which entails new and deeper customization for your character and last, but not least, the update introduces a holiday-themed in-game event which is stuffed with rewards.

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