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Novus AEterno Funds on Kickstarter, Unlocking Multiple Stretch Goals

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Novus AEterno Kickstarter Complete

Taitale Games’ Kickstarter for the epic science fiction MMORTS, Novus AEterno, comes to a close today having raised a whopping 360% of their goal (in addition to another $125k invested by an Angel Investor, this makes a grand total of $394,000).

So what does this mean for the future of the game? Well a plethora of features are now promised including individualized and impactful crafting systems, additional ship types, outpost and moon colonization and customization, fully 3D capital ships to immerse the player in the buzz of their empire, and two additional race options to further customize a player’s experience. All that on top of the promised core gameplay is sure to make for a mind blowing experience.

Founders wanting to celebrate this occasion should jump on the Kickstarter comments section now to let their voice be heard!

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