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Nostos Begins Accepting Applicants for Upcoming Closed Beta

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Nostos VR is an upcoming MMO from NetEase that will be a post-apocalyptic MMO with VR support. NetEase Games revealed the dates for the Closed Beta, which will take place from September 5- 9 2019, for selected applicants. Interested parties can sign up below. The visually appealing, anime-inspired open world will have players evading extinction, solving mysteries, and uncovering secrets. Nostos VR will launch first on Viveport later this year, then head to Oculus Home, and Steam (which will not require a VR Headset).

To enter the drawing to participate in the Closed Beta Test, players must visit the official Nostos Twitter or Facebook pages and share the pinned posts along with the hashtag #NostosBetaTest. Players who share the post with the hashtag will be chosen at random to participate.

Players of the Nostos Closed Beta Test will be able to experience:

  • Main Storyline: Testers will be able to play through two main storyline missions that amount to ~2 hours of gameplay.
  • Side Storyline: New side missions will appear at random for every tester.
  • Open-World Exploration: An expanded map offers testers the opportunity to explore the various terrains Nostos has to offer.
  • Enhanced Graphics and Realistic Weather: Players can immersive themselves in the world of Nostos with the addition of clouds, moss, flowers, fireflies, animals, NPCs, and changing weather such as rain, snow, and lightening.
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