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Nosgoth: New Crucible Map Available in V4.0

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The Crucible map is available now to play in Nosgoth. Defined by forges and workshops, gladiatorial training grounds and arenas, slave pens and birthing catacombs, welcome to The Crucible, the heart of the Turelim’s war machine.

This proud clan built their cities under the harsh landscape of Tartarus where survival would hone their strength. Harnessing the elemental power of the earth itself, the Turelim were originally tasked by Kain himself with defeating the one true obstacle to the Vampire’s domination of Nosgoth – the sun itself. Using a combination of engineering, alchemy, and geomancy, the Turelim shaped gargantuan volcanic furnaces that belched forth smoke thick enough to block out the sun’s deadly rays.

Also coming to Nosgoth in update #4.0, the Daniel Cabuco inspired Deceiver Evolved Skin (unlocked at level 25), a two-week in game event Inferno, plus a host of new improvements, not least the revamped HUD.

Square Enix is also announcing THE DEFINITIVE PACK for Nosgoth. For $39.99 players can unlock all existing abilities and future classes, common weapons and abilities.

For more information on Nosgoth, please visit the official Nosgoth Blog:

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