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Nishan Shaman, Chinese Folk Musical Odyssey Launches on App Store

Nishan Shaman - image

Tencent Games has a special training program of Chinese graduates who worked under “Project Kepler”. The result is a folk music adventure called Nishan SHaman, which is free on the App Store. It’s backed by NEXT Studio and Tencent Games to support both innovative titles and minority cultures, and the game is free of ads and in-game purchases with the purpose of trying to promote Chinese culture in a fun and interesting way. The game itself is inspired by The Tale of the Nishan Shaman which is one of the great surviving texts of Manchu literature. In this story, a female shaman resurrects the son of a rich landowner. The uplifting and challenging gameplay of Nishan Shaman revolves around a system unique to the music game genre: a semi-circular area of influence around the titular character which must be tapped and pressed in time with the beat in order to ward off the demons of the underworld.

“Today is a proud day for everyone who has been involved in the Nishan Shaman production. We strive to preserve Chinese cultural heritage as well as educate the world about it and are excited that the game is finally available for everybody to enjoy,” said Steven Wu, Shenzhen department manager at NEXT Studio. “The student team has created a beautiful adaptation of this epic poem and we encourage everyone to immerse themselves in this extraordinary musical journey.”

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