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Nightbanes Set for Steam Launch

This Friday at 10pm the digital card game Nightbanes will be launched worldwide via Steam. Prepare to enter a sinister fantasy world in which you’ll duel with merciless creatures and cast spells against your opponents.

As a special welcome bonus all new players will receive 100 blood diamonds, twice the amount normally received when launching the game for the first time. This deal will be offered to new players joining before Monday March 30th and in effect doubles the main in-game currency usually received when starting the game.

The Steam version of the game was fully developed using Unity, visualizing each single attack and each spell casted with wonderful graphical effects. The unique art style and atmosphere add something refreshing to the genre. Nightbanes includes enough game modes to satisfy every type of player – PvP campaign, active and passive PvP as well as a sophisticated raid mode. The basic rules are easy to learn but the complexity and challenge rises with each new opponent. In contrast to other collectible card games, Nightbanes’ depth doesn’t lie in micromanagement and targeting but in the order in which the cards are played and the sequence in which effects are triggered.

Nightbanes is a digital collectible card game set in an alternate modern horror universe where vampire clans are waging an endless war for dominance. Conquer the underworld as an almighty vampire lord by sending your minions and allies into battle. Duel other lords in different PvP modes or master the single player campaign earning additional powerful cards the further you journey.

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