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NGames Unleashes Call of Alliance Open Beta

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Call of Alliance OBT

NGames announced the launch of open beta for their online RPG Call of Alliance, at September 17 at 7PM PDT. Set in a world of high fantasy, Call of Alliance features streamlined gameplay that banishes the usual RPG grind in favor of an open system that encourages social interaction and epic battles.

In Call of Alliance, players take on the persona of a gladiator, mage or archer, and may combine skills freely as they embark on exciting quests with maids and goddesses while engaging in three-way PvP battles. With over 20 intricately designed instances and events, a deep equipment enhancement system, cool mounts and stunning wings, players will find a wealth of immersive fantasy adventure.

In celebration of the open beta launch, a jam-packed schedule of events will give players the opportunity to win a barrage of cool items all week long, including gold for magic mounts and other magnificent rewards.

There are numerous types of events for players to participate in, including an event that rewards players simply for logging in each day during the game’s first week of open service. If you’re a more competitive player, you can take part in one of two competitive events. The first will reward the top 5 players on the Combat Power Rankings after Day 7, while another will reward the 5 players who have reached the highest in-game level after the first week.

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