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NGames Announces the Classes for Abyss Dark Arisen

NGames announced last week the Epic RPG Abyss Dark Arisen will be added to their game lineup soon. Today they would like to give players a look into the classes that will be available at launch. Players can choose between the classes of Mage, Warrior, or a Priest.
The mage is the master of the magic world, possessing magic that deal powerful damage from afar. Being blessed by the goddess, they master the power of the elements. A skilled mage is certainly a nightmare for any class.
Main Skills:

  • Meteor: Powerful AoE skill. Mage summons numerous meteors that fall from the sky, causing tremendous damage to nearby enemy units.
  • Review: It is a pretty powerful AoE skill that can cause massive damage to a group of enemies.
  • Poisonous Bog: Mage summons poison from the ancient jungle and creates a barrier.
  • Review: With excellent damage over time and slowing effect, mages can kite and restrict their enemy’s movement.

The warrior is a strength-based class who attack with physical strength. They would rather spend years training their body than learning specious fighting techniques. To extend the limit of their power, they keep at the hardest training every day, and never stop. Their movements are simple, but violent. Depending solely on explosive force, they can launch incredibly powerful attacks.
Main Skills:

  • Savage Rush: Warrior charges and rushes toward the target, dealing damage to the target and pushing the target away.
  • Review: A nice melee skill with high damage.
  • Gale Dance: Launches 3 attacks within the CD, causing tremendous amounts of AoE damage.
  • Review: An eye-popping triple attack, with which you can be a fearsome fighter on the battlefield.

The priest is the only class that can quickly heal his allies. On the battlefield, a priest plays multiple roles. He can be a selfless healer who keeps his allies alive or revives friendly dead units. He also provides fantastic buffs for their allies. In the meantime, priests also possess great combat abilities.
Main Skills:

  • Ghost Hammer: Smashes the ground with a hammer and shoots energy waves in all directions.
  • Review: The long-ranged damage and damage diffusivity make the priest a formidable damage dealer in group fighting.
  • Laser: Shoots a concentrated light beam upon the target, causing massive damage.
  • Review: It’s a skill with a long attack range and outstanding damage. In melee fighting, it may require a more sophisticated operating skill.
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