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Nexon now serving Sudden Attack

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Sudden Attack, an MMOFPS originally published by GameHi in North America, is now being carried officially by Nexon in North America, Oceania, and Europe, starting today. The new website is at

New improvements have been added with the game’s launch, including daily bonus experience missions, an achievement system, a new tutorial called Boot Camp, and the demolition mode map, Prison.

Nexon also publishes Combat Arms and Vindictus.

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Nexon Unleashes “Sudden Attack”

Fast-paced online shooter game gives players new ways to ratchet up holiday body count

First-person shooter (FPS) players now have a true online option this holiday season with the launch of “Sudden Attack,” the newest title in Nexon America’s growing portfolio of microtransaction-based online games. Starting today, Nexon America will be publishing and servicing the game in North America, Oceania and Europe.

For more information or to sign up and play for free, go to:

Originally developed by GameHi, “Sudden Attack” is already one of the most popular online FPS games around the world thanks to its signature style of raw, intense action. To celebrate the service migration from GameHi to Nexon, Nexon is adding a mission system, achievements, a new map, and a tutorial to the game today.

“Sudden Attack” players can now complete daily missions which award bonus EXP. Additionally, a new achievement system allows players to earn titles and bragging rights for completing specific tasks in game. In order to help new players jump into “Sudden Attack’s” frenetic action, Nexon has added a Boot Camp to the game which provides the training needed to learn the game’s controls and maps.

Also arriving today is a new demolition mode map, Prison, wherein players are tasked with planting a bomb or defending the bomb target area. To entice players to go for head shots, a “head line” surrounds the map and serves as a sight line to guide their aim.

“Sudden Attack” allows up to 16 players to engage each other on any of 38 different maps in six distinct game modes. For more information about Sudden Attack and to download and play for free, players can visit: Players can also stay up to date with the latest “Sudden Attack” events and updates on Facebook at

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