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Nexon America Brings Romantic Doki Doki Island to Mabinogi

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Doki Doki Island

Nexon America will release an exciting new content update for its beloved title Mabinogi just in time for Valentine’s Day. Centered on Doki Doki Island, a romantic and secluded getaway with sandy beaches and lush forests, the update will feature a bevy of new events and content to be released throughout the month, including:

Meet your Match: Doki Doki Island introduces a heartwarming Soulmate system. Upon arriving on the island, players can create a profile by talking to the Matchmaker, who will reveal their perfect partner. Together, Soulmates can explore charming landmarks such as the Harmony Torch in the town square, and participate in events to accumulate Romantic Points. When enough Romantic Points are accrued, Soulmates gain the magical ability to fly.
Celebrate Valentine’s Day: Players also can participate in adorable Valentine’s Day-themed activities and mini-games such as the Doki Doki Dance Party and the Depths of the Heart questionnaire to earn more Romantic Points.
New Mini-Games and Daily Quests: Other mini-games will include carnival games such as Darts and a classic Hammer Game, as well as Daily Quests to sustain the island through life skills including fishing, cooking, and metallurgy. Players can also scour the beaches for Cat’s Eyes, a unique jewel that can be exchanged for special items including an exclusive Lunar Dragon armor set and the Doki Doki Pet Box.
Seize the Skies: Beginning Wednesday, Feb. 26, players can earn medals and a special Sky Blessing Box by taking part in the Seize the Skies event. To celebrate the wonder of flight and give players a whole new perspective of Continental Iria, Professor J, a character introduced in last month’s update, will chart an expedition to explore the heavens above and find the fastest adventurers in Iria, who will navigate twisty airborne race courses to compete for rankings and prizes.

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