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New Wizardry Online Info on Official Wikia

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Sony Online Entertainment is releasing new content to its official Wizardry Online Wikia today!

Here’s a peek at the class information being posted to the Wikia at 3pm Pacific today. For more, check out the official Wikia.


Fighter characters are easy to play due to their high HP and excellent balance between attack and defense. By leveling up, Fighters can specialize in either attack or defense. However, Fighters cannot learn magic and are not skilled at avoiding magic attacks.

Difficulty: Easy
Survivability: High
Play Style: Tank and/or Melee DPS
Available Alignments: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic
Ability Requirements: STR 8


Priests specialize in healing and support magics (buffs, etc.), making them a must for long adventures. They have a lot of Hit Points (HP) and can take on various roles to help parties survive epic battles.
Difficulty: Easy
Survivability: High
Play Style: Healer and/or Support
Available Alignments: Lawful, Chaotic
Ability Requirements: PIE 8


Thieves take smarts and technique to use effectively. They are powerhouses able to speedily decide the fate of battle. They are limited by the fact that they can only equip light armor, though.

Difficulty: Hard
Survivability: Medium
Play Style: Back-stabbing Melee DPS
Available Alignments: Neutral, Chaotic
Ability Requirements: DEX 8


Their Magic Points (MP) and inability to wear heavy armor limit Mages on the battlefield. However, they are capable of the highest DPS in the game. Mages may also use status effects against their enemies, helping the class survive in solo play and making them a must-have party member.

Difficulty: Moderate
Survivability: Low
Play Style: Ranged DPS and/or Crowd Control
Available Alignments: Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic
Ability Requirements: INT 8

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