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New Website Emerges for Scarlet Blade

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Aeria Games has unveiled the full website for Scarlet Blade, their upcoming mature MMORPG. An invite-only alpha test is also underway in preparation for beta tests to come.

The updated website reveals tons of new details about Scarlet Blade, including the game’s background story, a tale chronicling the invasion of Earth by the ruthless Narak and the subsequent fall of mankind. Now, the Arkana, an elite group of genetically engineered human females, are the only ones capable of taking on the Narak. Players can also check out the different classes of Arkana, which include:

  • · The playful Whipper, a bundle of endless energy who revels in the pain she inflicts on her foes
  • · The stalwart Defender, wielding a massive sword with ease to stand between her allies and certain death
  • · The noble Medic, charged with keeping her fellow Arkana’s hearts beating on the battlefield
  • · The deadly Punisher, a cool and efficient killing machine with unrivaled long-range firepower
  • · The stealthy Shadow Walker, who loves to get up close and feel the spray of her enemies’ blood on her razor-sharp claws

See these characters in action in the new trailer available below!

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