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New Thunder Hammer event comes to Grand Chase

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A new event is live in Grand Chase starting today, called Thunder Hammer, which will last until September 7th.

Thunder Hammer is a new mission in which players must kill three new monsters (Thunder Hammer Rifleman, Mecha Taurus, and Tech Guards) added during this event. Players are tasked with rescuing the Grand Chase, who have been imprisoned by the Thunder Hammer. Rewards include monster cards, potions, and socket gems. Sieghart’s new skill tree will also be added soon, and so a special pre-event is also taking place during the week, granting players at 10% attack stat buff when finding a Sieghart Emblem.

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The Original Press Release:


Players Embark On A Brand New Mission To Hunt Exciting New Monsters While Collecting Items And Earning Treasures

Irvine, Calif., August 31, 2010 РNtreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today that its all-new Thunder Hammer event is now live in the popular online action-brawler MMO, Grand Chase. Upon logging in, players will receive a new mission where they must kill brand new monsters and in return earn special items, potions and much more! To learn more about this event and to download and play the game, players can visit Grand Chase Thunder Hammer Event:

Starting today players will embark on a whole new mission known as the Thunder Hammer. Once they have logged in, players will receive their new mission where they must kill new monsters featured during the event period now through September 7th. Upon completion of the mission, players will collect items and receive monster cards, potions and socket gems! Players can also look forward to the Sieghart Skill Tree Pre-event taking place September 1st through the 7th in honor of the release of the upcoming Sieghart Skill Tree. Players will see a Sieghart Emblem when playing a dungeon at a random rate and will receive a 10% attack stat buff.

“Grand Chase is steeped in immersive storylines and battles and players respond to both the action and plots,” said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. “Now we are excited to delve beyond the engaging gameplay and reveal more missions and unique player experiences with new events such as Thunder Hammer.”

The Grand Chase that passed the Dwarves’ Supply Route is surrounded by countless Dwarf soldiers having arrived from Thunder Hammer prison. Now the Grand Chase surrender to the dwarves in order to avoid further conflict, but despite their intentions, are locked up in the Thunder Hammer underground prison. They escape the prison and get through the incredible Thunder Hammer Defenders to meet King Arawn to resolve the misunderstandings but are robbed of all God’s holy water by an unknown magic tribe that appeared out of nowhere. The Grand Chase finally meet Arawn in the end and get one step closer to the Ashtaroth’s conspiracy with the magic tribe attack news from the Dwarf scout while Mari retrieves her lost memory bit by bit.

With the launch of the Thunder Hammer event Grand Chase also introduces three exciting new monsters including the Thunder Hammer Rifleman who are sharpshooting snipers who use technologies and always have the back of the Defenders as well as Mecha Taurus who are highly effective and efficient guard machines that can be mass produced easily and are sturdy enough to take heavy abuse, and finally the Tech Guards who carry out their guard duties with pleasure and enjoy the opportunity to inflict the occasional cruel kick on the inmates, and when not guarding the prison they are employed as assassins and spies for Thunder Hammer.

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