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New PvP Details Released for Legend of Edda: Vengeance

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GamesCampus has revealed key PvP details today for its upcoming re-launch of Legend of Edda: Vengeance.

Hardcore PVP is an important component to this upcoming MMO based on Greek mythology, and the game will feature four unique PVP battle modes pitting players against each other in both small and large scale battles.

Legend of Edda: Vengeance will offer a variety of fast-paced, intense PVP options, from duels between players to colossal RvR battles and intense arena battles each area designed for high action and ultimate dominance! Massive RvR battles, known as Sacred War, will take place on three unique battlefields at scheduled times throughout the day with battles split between level ranges. During the battles, players will capture fascinating relics and enshrine them at their base. Once the relics are taken, the opposing faction will fight its way to the base to capture the relics. Teams with the most relics at the end of the battle reign supreme! Winning the Sacred War will grant buffs to help players level up and hunt along with God Points to use at special merchants to purchase power items, pets, mounts and more!

Arena PVP– Starting at level 11, players can enter 3v3 and 5v5 duels with other players and fight to the bloody death! Players can party up and join as a team or join as an individual and be placed on a random team. Either way their mission is clear … win by taking out all opponents or having the most members alive and the end of the time limit. Participating in Arenas will earn a limited amount of God Points each day, and player can view their own personal results for Arenas, including rankings, in their character window.

PK Areas – After the starting areas, there will be many disputed territories where players from the two factions can battle it out in the open world and even raid the opposing faction’s villages! A small amount of God Points will be handed out for killing other players, but beware of the powerful guards and monsters!

Duels – Players can enjoy one-on-one duels with their own faction to test their skills against their friends and even settle old grudges within their own faction. Players can duel by right clicking other characters and challenging them even in town!

Legend of Edda Vengeance PvP Screenshots:

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