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New Neverwinter & STO Events Now Live

New Neverwinter & STO Events Now Live News Header

Summer is only a few weeks away and to celebrate Perfect World is kicking off their annual Summer Event on the planet Risa today. The Lohlunat Festival features top-notch hospitality, various exciting events, and a brand new Ferengi Nandi Warship that will make your Moogie proud! Learn more about making Risa your summer destination here.
In Neverwinter (PC), players can look forward to the brand new Armored Giant Strider as part of the new Eternal Flame Lockbox. With an all-new devastating combat ability, the ferocious Strider can handle rugged terrain with ease. Check out the new Armored Giant Strider in action:

Finally, with the Rise of Tiamat expansion around the corner for Xbox players, we’re launching the Siege of Neverwinter event. Players must battle against the invading Cult of the Dragon and the dragons they worship. Doing so grants the chance to unlock event companions, fashions, and dye packs. Join forces to stop the cult and know your enemy!

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