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New MMORPG for E3 “Defenders of Time”

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Defenders of Time

Defenders of Time introduces a new level of cooperative, fast-paced tower defense gaming for the PC at E3 from June 10 – 12, 2014. This will be the first release of Las Vegas game company Four Lights.

Defenders of Time is centered around teamwork in the vein of popular MMORPG guild play, but with communication features rarely seen before in PC gaming. Abilities include diagramming on team member’s screens, snap-to location pinging and in-match setup of voice chat from completely unplugged to fully tuned. One player acts as team commander; this player holds two roles. First, he provides for his team by discovering advanced weapons and suggesting defensive tactics; second, he decides the nature of challenges the opposing team faces. Up to three additional players per team coordinate efforts and resources to build a defense system that can fight off the opposing commander’s attacks – quick thinking and cooperation are key to the success or failure of a team.

The user-friendly player interface is serviceable by gamers of all ages and skill levels. Design elements of the game draw inspiration from 1950’s automobiles in a style developers have dubbed “Chromepunk,” and international landmarks throughout history such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the desert outside of Las Vegas, and more – all with a science fiction twist.

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