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New Mercenary Class in Atlantica Online

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Looks like the guys over at Ndoors, the company behind Atlantica Online, just released another update for their game which included the new mercenary class ‘Hwarang’. The Hwarang is actually the first of three new mercenary classes that Ndoors plans to release. The Hwarang, like other mercenaries, is based off of myth and history, and in in this case the Hwarang are based on warriors of ancient Korea. They are a bow wielding offensive oriented character with little defense.

The latest update also included numerous technical optimizations for the game which should result in faster loading times and an overall smoother gaming experience. One thing to keep in mind though, Ndoors did update their ‘minimum system requirements’ for the game by raising, so the game may run a bit slower on some machines.

Those tired of Atlantica Online should check out Ndoor’s two other games – Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu and Wonderking.

The Original Press Release:

Ndoors Interactive today announced the continued expansion of their hit strategic MMORPG Atlantica Online. As new users flock to the best-reviewed free-to-play online game of the year, Ndoors will be updating the game and adding a new mercenary class, the Hwarang, which will add to the strategic depth of the game’s unique, turn-based battle system.

The Hwarang will be the first of three new mercenaries planned for Atlantica. Many of the characters in Atlantica Online are derived from myth and history and the Hwarang are based on warriors of ancient Korea. The bow-wielding Hwarang is an offensive-minded character with very little defensive stamina. He is unique for his ability to sacrifice himself in order to increase the attack power of allies and he is able to increase the combo rate of an entire squad. Each mercenary has their own unique strengths and weaknesses meaning players must balance their teams carefully. As more mercenary types are introduced, the strategic elements of Atlantica’s battle system continue to deepen.

Atlantica Online is growing larger every week in terms of the size of our player base and the amount of content we provide to players,” remarked the CEO of Ndoors, Peter Kang. “We are improving the game’s performance and are committed to adding new content, such as the new mercenaries, so that we offer a fresh experience for new players and veterans.”

In order to offer the best possible experience for all players, the minimum technical requirements to run Atlantica Online have been slightly raised, affecting only a small minority of the players. While not an easy decision to make, this is necessary to ensure a better overall product. The optimization update will ensure faster loading times in high-traffic areas of the game. Ndoors will take every necessary action to assist its longtime players who are affected by the upgrade as a way of demonstrating their appreciation and commitment to the game’s loyal fans. More information will be available on the official Atlantica Online website in the near future.

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