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New MapleStory Wedding Videos Emerge

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If you’ve never gotten married in MapleStory – or if you have and can laugh about it – Nexon America has two new videos to entertain you with the drama of MapleStory’s marriage system.

With Valentine’s quickly approaching, MapleStory will be discounting in-game weddings by 50% up through February 19, and gifting each married couple with a special gift. All players who log in on Valentine’s Day will also get a free heart balloon cape.

The wedding system is one of the more popular features of MapleStory, having seen over 70,000 marriages between 2010 and 2012 alone. Alas, heartbreak is also part of the system – 33,000 divorces have also taken place during that time period. Marriages have lasted anywhere from three seconds to 1,100 days!

Watch the new dramatic videos below if you’re up for contemplating love and marriage in MapleStory.

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