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New Information Added to Wizardry Online Wiki

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In an ongoing effort to help players of Wizardry Online, Sony Online Entertainment has added new information to the Wikia page for the game.  Here are some examples of inclusions to the wiki (found here):

*  Inns and Campsites:

Inns and campsites can be used to restore your health, magic points, and even level you up if you have enough experience. Additionally, a Fountain of Healing can also do these things. The amount that you are able to restore depends on the quality of your chosen place to rest. Inns have free to very expensive rooms. The more you pay, the more you will recover.

* Status Effects:

Status effects can be split into two main categories: physical and mental.

Physical Status Effects

  • Poison – HP will gradually decrease.
  • Paralysis – You will fail to attack or use skills a set percent of time.
  • Petrified – You will be unable to do anything. However, damage you receive will be decreased.
  • Faint – You will be unable to do anything.
  • Blind – Trap detection distance will be decreased.
  • Bind – You will be unable to take certain physical actions.

Mental Status Effects

  • Sleep – You will be unable to do anything. Damage you received will be increased.
  • Silent – You will be unable to use skills that require chanting. This is especially bothersome for Mages and Priests.
  • Fear – You will be unable to draw your weapon. If your weapon is drawn it will be automatically sheathed.


  • Death – If you fail at reviving you will turn to ash.
  • Ash – Fail at reviving and you will be lost.

Lost – Your body disappears and you lose the ability to play the character.

* PvP Death:

If you are a victim of a PvP-related death, don’t worry too much! There are a few things that are nicer about this type of death as opposed to a mob-related one.

  • Walkers are only found in dungeons. If you’re killed in town, you won’t have to worry about them.
  • There are plenty of NPCs in town who can revive you should you fall while in town. Just head on over to a priest of the Quotapy Temple.
  • If you die in town you won’t have to worry about a time limit to revive like you do in dungeons.
  • Revival attempts in a town have about a 90% success rate. To increase your odds, you can still sacrifice some of your items and gold.

* Criminals:

When you cause problems such as attacking other players or stealing their stuff, you will become a criminal. Players who commit crimes will be shown in yellow. The more crimes they commit, the redder their name will appear.

When players become heavy criminals (red names) the guards in town will attack them. Players that have been defeated by guards will be brought to the prison.

Criminal Acts

  • Attacking other players or NPCs.
  • Looting items from other players.
  • Helping criminals, including healing them.

*Note that it is not a crime to attack players marked as criminals.

Bounty System

You can place a Bounty on any player in your blacklist that is currently in criminal status. You may not place bounties on players who aren’t in criminal status, or on players that are currently in prison.

Once a bounty is placed on a player, the next person to kill that player will receive that bounty. Note that bounties are calculated at the Soul level and that all bounties will disappear after a period of time.

Players with a bounty on them that meet certain requirements will give off an aura. If more than 5 souls have placed a bounty on a player, that player will be imprisoned when the next time another adventurer or guard kills them. Imprisoned players may not be deleted, and no other players on the same Soul as an imprisoned player may be used.

Imprisoned players must wait in prison, pay bail, or wait for a bail roll before they can get out. Bail is fixed at twice the value of the bounties placed on the player. Once a player is freed from prison, another player may not place a bounty on their head for a certain period of time.

Bounty Hunting

Check the Bounty Board to view open bounties. When you defeat a bounty you’ll also receive Bounty Points. Save up Bounty Points to receive special titles.

You can see the previous inclusions to the Wikia page from our previous coverage, and check out our first look of the game!

Sony Online Entertainment also publishes Everquest and Planetside 2.

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