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New English FLYFF Server Coming December 6

New English FLYFF Server Coming December 6

Webzen has announced the opening of “Meteonyker”, a new European server for manga & anime MMO game FLYFF – Fly For Fun.

FLYFF players were introduced to a new European server in late 2014, when Clockworks was announced for the first time. English-speaking players finally had their own dedicated server, and many switched from the US server for a more time-friendly and smooth experience. Clockworks (which is celebrating its anniversary next Friday, December 2) was a huge success, attracting players from all over the world. Players will now have one more choice on their server selection screen!

The name of the new server comes from the final boss of the recently introduced Rhisis’ Trail dungeon, who is currently the highest-level boss in the game. Further details on the Meteonyker server will be announced soon.

The anticipated US and German server merges has also been postponed to early 2017. This is not related to the launch of the Meteonyker server, and is mainly due to technical issues encountered in the QA phase of the project.

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