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New Dungeon & Raid Mode Revealed for C9

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Webzen announces a new raid mode and dungeon for the 3D Fantasy Action MMORPG,  Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9.) Starting Wednesday, April 24, 2013, players will join forces to conquer the dangerously difficult EXTREME DUNGEON, which features three new raid bosses.

For the first time in C9 history, players will be encouraged to team up in order to take on the unpredictable danger that lies await in the EXTREME DUNGEON. As part of the game’s new raid mode, a full party of 4 players is recommended to defeat three hard-core bosses. Those who are powerful enough to defend Glenheim from these enemies will be rewarded with exciting new items.

The EXTREME DUNGEON will feature extremely difficult challenges for both skilled MMO gamers, as well as experienced high-ranking C9 players. As a special incentive, returning players who have at least one character with level 50 or higher will be given special rewards for re-visiting the game. Details about the first three raid bosses will be announced soon and additional bosses for this dungeon will be revealed in May.

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