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New details revealed about Eudemons’ Vampire

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The Vampire class is coming to Eudemons Online on June 30, along with the rest of the Edge of Night expansion. Today, new details were revealed about this mysterious new class.

Vampires will have demonic skills (Blood Frenzy, Bloody Wings, Soul Touch, Blood Oath), and a blend of ranged and closed combat abilities. Other skills will include the controlling spell Hypnosis and the Penetration buff.

Vampires will get their own exclusive mount, the Ghostly Horse. This mount’s shape and speed is determined by its players Blood Soul Star Level, meaning that mounts will grow with their owners rather than having to be trained. A special pet system will also be in place for Vampires.

What really stands out is that the Vampire converges with a Eudemon (called a Blood Soul); these have their own level and star level, which directly affects the power of the Vampire. This means that the vampire, its Eudemon, and its mount are all bound together.

Eudemons Online is published by TQ Digital, which also publishes Zero Online, Crazy Tao, and Conquer Online.

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TQ Digital release more Vampire details

Fang-tastic new class laid bare ahead of Edge of Night expansion.

Online game publishers TQ Digital have released more details and screenshots of the mysterious new class to hit MMORPG Eudemons Online, the noble Vampires – flying into the game with the exciting Edge of Night expansion at the end of the month.

Due June 30th, the Edge of Night expansion sees the world of Cronus plunged into darkness, causing the new playable Vampire class to rise from their thousand year sleep to join the fight.
In anticipation of the release, TQ Digital have revealed more details of the skills, powers and mounts the Vampires will bring to the game, along with screenshots showing them in action.

The Edge of Night expansion promises to turn Eudemons Online on it’s head – the undead Vampires shaking the steady equilibrium currently enjoyed by the game’s three other classes: Mage; Warrior; and Paladin.

New Skills and Moves

The Vampires are bringing a host of wicked moves to Eudemon’s Online, with agile speed boosts and terrifying area-of-effect attacks making them both accessible for newcomers and a force to be reckoned with in the hands of experienced players.

A class from the underworld demands demonic skills, and with names like Blood Frenzy, Bloody Wings, Soul Touch and Blood Oath, the vampire doesn’t disappoint.

The vampire will pack a heady mix of close and ranged combat abilities, making them as unpredictable as they are brilliant. Using Bloody Flash, a vampire can instantly move to an opponent and deliver a fatal blow, while the powerful Bloody Storm attack will draw an opponent into an damning abyss and cause great damage.

The Vampires boast some wicked magic too. They can use Hypnosis to control anybody in their way, overcome shields and buffs with Penetration – meaning an opponents damage cannot be reduced – and even summon the class-exclusive Soul Steed, “Ghostly Horse”.

Exclusive Mount

Vampires need to get around in style, and there’s no better way to travel than their awesome exclusive mount, “Ghostly Horse”. Summoned using the “Soul Steed” skill, the Ghostly Horse is unique both in it’s look and convenience.

Unlike other Eudemons Online mounts, there’s no need for composing, ranking, training or even the use of Eudemon eggs with this trusty steed. Instead, it’s shape and speed are decided by a players Blood Soul Star Level, allowing the mount’s strength to grow in tandem with a character’s progression.

Vampires are born to converge with a dark pet, but it doesn’t start in the Ghostly Horse state – you’ll need to sacrifice and level it up first. Vampires are coming with a totally different fun pet system, massively assisting in battles and evolving Eudemon’s Online in interesting new ways.

Blood Souls and Sacrifices

Different from the 3 other classes, Vampires are born to converge with a Eudemon, called a Blood Soul. Blood Souls come with their own Level and Star Level, which affects the Battle Power and other attributes of Vampires in a direct way.

The grisly act of sacrifice is required for levelling up the Blood Souls, which, when their Star Level reaches 10, unlocks the ability to summon the Ghostly Horse into the world. The Eudemon, the mount, and the vampire character itself seem to be magically bound together, which is unprecedented in MMO games.

To maintain the game balance, the powerful Vampires will only be able to summon two Eudemons, while other classes can summon three.

New Class, New Looks

Just because Vampires don’t have reflections, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look good. As well as traveling in style on their exclusive mount, the Vampires will come with a range of avatar models, outfits, and hairstyles to choose when creating a character.

The robust customisation options will keep your undead warrior unique, especially when combined with the various new equipment and weapons. The Edge of Night expansion brings a slew of stylish bladed weaponry for vampires to brandish, as well as various helmets, armours and boots – each affecting your skills and abilities when equipped.

Scheduled for release on June 30th, the anticipated Edge of Night expansion is just around the corner. Thanks to the new Vampire class, the team dynamics of Eudemons Online, and the world of Cronus as we know it, will be changed for good.

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