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New Details Emerge About Absolute Force Online

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Absolute Force Online (AFO), developed by TQ Digital Entertainment from NetDragon, first grabbed attention at Gamescom 2011. NetDragon welcomed feedback during the event, and the AFO team has worked all year to implement that feedback in the upcoming title. A visually stunning MMOFPS built on the Unreal Engine 3 technology, the gameplay of AFO is set apart from many traditional FPS. Imagine a world with massive battles, thousands of players, and the fun of dominating your competitors – and Absolute Force Online promises to bring all that and more.

Absolute Force Online promises luscious graphics that perfectly display full-motion video effects. The real-time dynamic simulation, innovative weapon system, and distinctive game play will let players immerse themselves in combat. A Vehicle Mode trains players to attack swiftly and defend resolutely on the battlefield. The game also promises to be highly customizable, allowing users to create their own avatars and backgrounds.

Absolute Force Online all begins in December of 1979 with the war of Afghanistan with the first shots fired by the Soviet Union. After the war, a newly born military organization called ‘Fallen Angel’ rose up and received world-wide attention. The duty of cracking down on the rogue group ‘Fallen Angel’ was given to an underground mercenary faction, known as ‘Justice Hand’. ‘Justice Hand’ is an underground mercenary group composed of the elite armed forces from the nations around the world. Their mission is to safeguard global peace and stability, taking ‘Fallen Angel’ as a volatile threat that had to be eliminated. Which side will you take in this Good versus Evil Battle? Absolute Force Online will allow players to emerge themselves into a highly competitive world. As players try to dominate the world there are many unique game features that will enhance each player’s game play experience. One of these features that AFO offers is the “Exclusive Hero Battlefield Mode” which is the most unique feature of the game, sometimes dying in the game is not a bad thing.

AFO is currently in development and closed beta is estimated to start towards the end of 2012, but just in time for the holiday season.

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