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New Adventurous Tamer Makes His Digimon Masters Debut

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Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher, announced today the addition of the adventurous yet naïve character, Tai, who has appeared in Digimon Adventure 1 and now, makes his debut in the exciting MMORPG, Digimon Masters Online.  Players will delight in taking the role as this exciting tamer in Digimon Masters latest content update, Fire IslandTo take your chance to earn Tai and download and play the game for free, player can visit

Tai, the new tamer, is very active and a sports enthusiast. He is an ace striker for his soccer club, but doesn’t share the same passion for school. Although at times he makes mistakes due to his erratic personality, his strength in courage and leadership is looked upon highly by his friends.

Players can participate in two events for their chance and earning this new exchange tamer!  “Hunt Devimon and Capture the Moment,” will have players hunting down Devimon and submitting a screenshot in an exchange for tamer, Tai.  “Reach the Top 10 Tamers of Gazimon” will challenge players to reach the top to earn the cutest and brand new tamer!

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