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Neverwinter Teases PvP Updates in State of the Game Video

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Neverwinter PvP Update

A new state of the game released by Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios for D&D Neverwinter reveals major improvements are coming down the pipeline focused on the end-game PvP.

The three primary issues being addressed are matchmaking systems, the overwhelming power of burst damage, and overbearing crowd control. A new tenacity stat is being introduced to PvP gear to help alleviate some of this frustration while improved matchmaking should help set foes up against more evenly matched opponents.

The matchmaking changes will also introduce leaver penalties to improve the overall experience. And those that feel they have it all will now have a new tier of PvP gear to battle for an unlock.

Catch the details in the State of the Game video above or read more on the official site.

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