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Neverwinter: Swords of Chult Update for PC

Neverwinter - Tomb of Annihilation News - Main Image

An update’s coming for Neverwinter‘s current content, “Tomb of Annihilation” in the form of Swords of Chult! It brings an end-game Skirmish (The Merchant Prince’s Folly), a host of PVP updates to the PC version of the game and more. Yuan-ti, ferocious dinosaurs, and the undead rally and it’s up to the heroes in the city of Port Nyanzaru to do battle with them. A re-worked PVP system comes for players to hone their combat skills against each other and gain new, incredible rewards. Changes to Armor Penetration, PVP gearing, replacing the “Tenacity” stat, diminishing returns on CC and more come in this update to offer a more enjoyable experience.

It all goes down on October 24th!

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