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Neverwinter: Storm King’s Thunder – Sea of Moving Ice Update Now on PC

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have launched the Storm King’s Thunder – Sea of Moving Ice update for Neverwinter on PC. The update will land on console in early 2017.

Sea of Moving Ice introduces a new adventure zone, exploring Svardborg and its seas to gather support against Jarl Storvald and prevent him from casting a spell of endless winter. To explore this area, players will now have access to the Khyek, a ship capable of exploring the seas and isles in this cold place.

Players will also discover:

  • Updated Fishing:  a new fishing mini-game arrives, with over 100 species of fish to catch, reputation to earn, and weapons to unlock.
  • New Artifact Weaponry: weapons stronger than any seen before.
  • Treasure Hunting: Players can discover floating bottles in the seas, which contain maps leading to hidden treasures.
  • Assault on Svardborg: A new level 70 trial for 10 players, with Normal and Master difficulties.
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