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Neverwinter Reveals New Mount Hotenow Trailer

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Perfect World has released a new trailer today for Neverwinter, highlighting Mount Hotenow, a new adventure zone with iconic enemies from Dungeons & Dragons.

Neverwinter survived the Spellplague better than most of the Forgotten Realms , but was almost obliterated by the eruption of Mount Hotenow. Rebuilding the city after the eruption has taken decades, and what progress has been made is threatened on all sides — by the undead, by orcs, and even by a slumbering Primordial.

Face off against fire giants in Mount Hotenow, which can manipulate the fire of the environment, striking with hard area of effect spells. The volcanic heat of Mount Hotenow is also rumored to be home to a red dragon and an ancient Primordial.  Do the heroes of Neverwinter have what it takes to bring the beloved city back to its former glory?

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