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Neverwinter Reveals Character Customization Details

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Perfect World Entertainment has revealed today new details about character creation in their upcoming MMO, Neverwinter.

In Neverwinter, character creation begins with choosing race, class, and gender. Each race grants some bonuses to a character’s core stats, and also unlocks a few racial abilities, such as the Versatile Defense ability for Humans. This lets players customize their adventurer toward their personal play style.

Stats are also customizable, through both race choice and through rolling for your ability score. Races grant bonuses to specific stats, plus an additional bonus to one other stat of your choice. You can reroll your scores until you are able to get a stat line that matches your character’s concept. The key ability scores in Neverwinter match those of Dungeons and Dragons: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. 10 in a stat is the adventurer’s average, with 18 (before racial bonuses) being the maximum for Level 1 characters.

Players can create a handsome or beautiful character with a large scale of options. Choose from several presets, or fine-tune each facet of your character, from slimming or lengthening your hands to changing your complexion. Character creation will be similar to that found in Cryptic Studios’ Champions Online and Star Trek Online.

Here’s the current test build’s list of customization options:

– Head Shape

– Hair (shape and color)

– Eyes (shape and color – some customizable per eye)

– Eyebrows (fineness and color)

– Facial Hair (shape and color)

– Skin complexion and color – old/tan, weathered/black, etc.

– (For certain races) Horn alignment

– Facial tattoos and their color

– Scar shapes

– Sliders for your facial dimensions – neck length, cheek size, etc.

– Sliders for your body dimensions – hand thickness, leg length, etc.

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