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Neverwinter: PAX West 2018 Impressions

Neverwinter Acquisitions Inc PAX Header

Do you want to do something greater?  Sure, you’ve helped the city of Neverwinter countless times, but why don’t you strive for something better?  Acquisitions Inc. is now seeking interns and you just might be the next, best fit for our company! With our new offices set up in Neverwinter itself, stop in today and become a part of our family.

That’s right, folks; Acquisition, Inc. will play a big part of the upcoming Neverwinter update, set to launch sometime in early November.  I got a quick sneak peek of just one of the various questlines being introduced, and let me tell you now, prepare your sides for laughter. Designed for low- to mid-level characters, the team really wants to give everyone a chance to experience this content as soon as possible.

Our character strolled right into the building, and was offered a job on the spot.  Impressive, given I didn’t even bring a résumé, nor do I have any experience doing … whatever it is they want me to do.  Still, I’m an adventurer, right? I acquire things all the times, sometimes even things that don’t belong to me. This can’t be that hard!

Neverwinter Heart of Fire Beholder Screenshot

Who even are these guys? They look unionized.

My orientation consisted of me riding a tram to listen to puppets speak of the good that the company does.  I think. Honestly, the puppets were a bit vague, and even began arguing with themselves at one point about countdowns.  It was all very confusing. There was even a part where the ride broke down and I had to fix it. I’m definitely not a carnival ride technician!  Thankfully, we figured out a workaround and I headed on my merry way.

Apparently, though, I upset some previous interns by my being on this tour, and they made sure to let me know their disdain for me.  But in the end, glory and treasure awaited me. Err, will await me. Something like that — again, those puppets weren’t too clear. I mean, I was in a room full of gold and somehow it wasn’t real?  Well, whatever, I’m sure my internship at Acquisitions, Inc. will be most fulfilling and nothing bad will happen ever!

Even if it was a single part of the whole, the module promises to be a whole lot of fun and full of surprises.  Look for its release in early November.

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