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Neverwinter: Icespire Peak Showcase

MMOHuts Default Image 604x339

Today, Perfect World Entertainment releases a new video showcasing another new zone in Neverwinter: Icespire Peak.

In the shadow of Icespire Peak, the Icehammer dwarves wage a wintry battle. Lakkar and the Winterforge lay untouched for generations. However, while searching for rich veins of gold and mithril, the dwarves discovered a dormant portal to the Winterforge. Unknowingly, they activated it and released an army of ice golems, which forced them to flee. The frost giants seized control of the Winterforge and now seek to expand their frozen kingdom. The hardy dwarves may be resilient but they cannot do it alone.

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MMOHuts Default Image 604x339
A new video showcases Icespire Peak, another dangerous zone of Neverwinter.