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Mythos Global announces open beta

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T3Fun has announced that Mythos Global will begin its open beta on February 2. The open beta will also make the game available to (most) European players.

Leading up to the open beta, Mythos will feature special news stories, interviews, mini-games, quizzes, and more on its website. This will include week-long features on races, and special events including lotteries and contests to help players prepare for the opening of the game’s next beta test.

T3Fun also publishes Hellgate and CardMon Hero.


Mythos Global Open Beta Coming Soon, Now Available for EU Players

LOS ANGELES – January 9, 2012

Hanbitsoft and T3Fun are happy to announce the open beta for their highly-anticipated online action RPG, Mythos Global. Beginning February 2, 2012, the fantasy world of Uld will be teeming with danger and adventure.

T3Fun has good news for European players. The OBT for Mythos Global will also be available to most of Europe. Mythos’ loyal supporters have been heard and now European fans will also be able to join in the action once the server opens for the open beta test.

To lead up to the launch of the open beta, the Mythos team has prepared a full month of activities for the fans. Every week in January, there will be new stories, exclusive interviews, mini-games, quizzes and more. Visit the Mythos Global website, forums, and fan page to take part in this month-long series of events. Keep checking back to discover what’s new each week before the open beta begins next month.

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