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Mythos Global announces April events

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Mythos Global has announced its events for April.

In “Lucky Adventure” and “Mythos Precognition”, players can earn random double luck and double experience buffs at different times and days throughout the month. “Golden Trash” lets players visit GMs to transform various requested materials into other random items that can include experience boosts and reset items. On Facebook, “Mythical Quiz” and “Facebook Achievements” will let fans interact to earn bonuses and prizes, including an in-game costume.

Mythos Global is published by T3Fun, which also publishes Hellgate.

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April events for Mythos Global detailed, keeps gamers on their toes with completely new events each month

LOS ANGELES – Apr. 6, 2012 – HanbitSoft and T3Fun’s philosophy is to keep Mythos Global an always-fresh Action MMORPG every month with completely new events to add to the gameplay experience for fans. The first two events for April are “Lucky Adventure” and “Mythos Precognition” which both give double luck and double experience buffs at random times and on random days. These two events will be ongoing throughout the month so players will have plenty to show for their time in Mythos’ fantasy world of Uld this month!

Golden Trash” is an event which will turn your unused materials or junk items into something very useful—consider this an inspiration to be digitally eco-friendly! A GM may at random request a certain material, and players must rush to him/her to swap it for a random item that may be anything from an XP boost to attribute or skill resets.

Mythos Global  also has two Facebook events going on this April. The first is the “Mythical Quiz.” For two weeks, beginning April 16, a question about Mythos will be asked on the Facebook fan page each day. Players who correctly answer the question as fast as possible can win a special in-game costume!

The other Facebook event is called “Facebook Achievements,” and will be a permanent event where all players will be rewarded with triple luck buffs every time the fan page receives 300 new likes.

For more information about the game, visit the Mythos Global website at For other news and events, “like” their official Facebook fan page at

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