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Mythos expands guild system

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Mythos Europe has now added new features to the guild system.

Guilds now receive buffs based on their guild level, which can add bonuses to experience gain, defense, life, speed, and resistances. A new ranking system now gives each guild “points” based on its rank and its members’ online times. Each of the top three guilds based on this special point system gain an additional guild buff that boosts luck and experience gain.

Mythos is published in Europe by Frogster, which also publishes Runes of Magic.

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Get Buffed

Ranking and Buffs Expand the Guild System in Mythos

Expanding upon the recently implemented guild system in Mythos, practical guild buffs and a new ranking system have been added, ensuring that players have even more fun, and success, hunting monsters with their friends. Guild members automatically receive bonuses in experience gain, defence, life, resistance, and speed. The higher the guild’s level, the higher the guild buff.

Thanks to the new ranking system, the most diligent guilds get an additional reward. Each guild is given a certain number of points, depending on the guild’s level and the online time of its members, and the guilds are ranked according to this number. The top three guilds in this ranking receive an additional buff to luck and experience gain.

For more information on the Mythos guild system, please visit the official forum:

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