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MU Online Season 13 – Part 2 Is Now Live

MU Online Season 13 Part 2 launch

The second part of Season 13 for MU Online is live today and with it comes a level cap increase to 1,050, and that’s just the start. The event map “Maze of Dimensions” has seen a rework and requires “Elena’s Letter” to get in. The number of playable floors went up (7 to 41), and changes every week during the Maze of Dimensions event. Players can get box items and maze points by clearing the Maze of Dimensions. Players have a low chance to get the “Bloodangel’s Soul (Hero)” item from the Greater Maze of Dimensions Box. There are also Muun Eggs that can be obtained by hunting event monsters. Players can get either “Merino” or “Leicester” Muun this month. Players can also purchase a Premium Muun Egg to obtain the premium muun “Super Panda.” Further details on ongoing events are now available on the official website.

This also brings the new Maze of Dimensions League system, which has four tiers. Everyone starts in Bronze and can reach higher tiers by obtaining Maze Points in the map itself. When the League ends, players will receive rewards based on their performance. In addition, new Accessory, Earring of Wrath item and Divine Claws of Archangel item for the Rage Fighter class are now available in this new update. Players can obtain the mastery accessory from the Moss’s Mastery Accessory Box by using Jewel of Bless. Also, players can use Lapidary Stone on earring items to enhance the item. Players can obtain Blessed Divine Claws of Archangel through the Chaos Goblin Combination.

To celebrate the launch of Season 13: Part 2, the MU Online team is running various events on the official website. Starting the 5th until the 19th of March, players who use the Mastery Accessory Box will get 2 points for each box. The accumulated points will be updated in the event page. The Top 100 ranked players will get special rewards such as new Mastery Accessory and Lapidary Stone. Upgrade Success Chance for earring items also went up by 20% for +8 to +15 items for a limited time.  In addition, players who clear Maze of Dimensions will receive double the rewards for the first two weeks, and the League rewards will also be doubled.

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