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MU Legend’s Stress Test will begin tomorrow

A stress test is a Quality Assurance process that attempts to put a server through as much, intense overcrowding as possible. The idea is that they gain useful data and logs from everyone who participates to figure out ways to make their servers stronger and find out the weaknesses in their general infrastructure. However, once the stress test ends, players will not need to re-download the whole game for the OBT release. Plus, the MU Legend team is offering 500 Bound Redzen to every user who logs in to the server. This Bound Redzen will be available for the OBT. Want to know where and what to do tomorrow? Well here you go:

WHAT: MU Legend Stress Test
DATE: Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 (UTC)
TIME: 4 p.m. until 12 a.m., UTC (8 hours)
1) Visit the official website:
2) Create a Webzen Account or login
3) Download the client on our website
4) Install the game
5) Wait for the Stress Test to start

Get out there guys, and make sure to use the hashtag, #breakourserver!

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