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MU Legend Releases New Spellbinder Class

MU Legend - Spellbinder Update - Image

The Spellbinder is the 5th class available in Webzen’s MU Legend and its arrival today will give players a new way to approach the game. A support mage, MU Legend’s newest class uses wide-area crowd control and devastating direct hits to defeat enemies. With this update, Webzen also introduced a few new additions to the game, such as a new dungeon: Lupa’s Ancient Archive. The dungeon accompanies an upgrade of the existing Epic dungeons, which introduces 5 new difficulty levels. Additional achievements, along with new Set and Mythic items, also await players. Furthermore, the release comes with the opening of a new Faction War season. To celebrate this, MU Legend has unleashed several events. Players can get reward boxes simply by creating a new character, and those who have not played since before March 7th can also receive rewards, as will players who log in during one (or all) of the weekends between March 20th and April 17th.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at WEBZEN Dublin, commented: “During testing, the Spellbinder’s strength in PvP battle and its capacity to be the linchpin of any band of heroes battling their way through PvE dungeons really stood out. The Spellbinder is truly one of a kind!”

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